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What is Extreme Member?

  • Life before Extreme Member

    Back in the dark ages (around 5 years ago), if you wanted to start a membership site there were about 3 choices! 1 provider that cost and arm and a leg for their license, another option that was difficult to configure and manage or finally have something custom developed and built yourself which is expensive, frustrating and poses many other issues.

    Life after Extreme Member

    Extreme Member is a better way to run your business. Forget the expensive license options or the major headaches and frustrations in configuring your site and server to handle your new membership site.

    Extreme Member allows you to let us handle thousands of members with automated sign ups, upgrades, cancellations, plus all the other goodies that have never been previously available as a single integrated hosted solution.

    Extreme Member takes the pain and technical frustration out of running your own money making membership site. Plus, it gives you the ability to update and manage your site from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection!

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