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  • Click the play button below to hear what David Stumpe (Business Consultant) has to say about Extreme Member:


    “With so many different membership site software solutions out there I’ve practised on them, played with them, checked them out, tried them before I would recommend them to any clients but I ran across your software Extreme Member and I would have to say it is the Ultimate Perfect Membership Marketing Software!

    Our clients need something that is easy to use and Extreme Member is just that!I love it how you have a full array of video tutorials and written tutorials that really makes it easy to use.

    Don’t delay if you’re thinking of using Extreme Member, It’s an excellent tool, from what I’ve actually used it’s the absolute BEST!

    You get the most value for your money, From all the different tools that you’ve included whether it be the Membership Module, Email (Autoresponders) Marketing, Affiliate Module, It’s simply the Best of the Best that’s why I like your services.

    It’s a pleasure working with Extreme Member because of your quickness of Service and the way the Tools are designed and put together”

    David Stumpe
    Business Consultant (USA)

    “Extreme Member is without doubt THE system.
    Your tech support is unsurpassed.
    It’s the BEST purchase I have ever made!”

    vic-sml“Shane – EM (Extreme Member) is without a doubt “THE SYSTEM”. It has everything the serious internet marketer needs. I am excited, delighted and proud to be part of the future of internet marketing with such a platform in hand. Your technical support is unsurpassed, quick and very professional.However, what I appreciate more than any of the above is the time which you have taken on occasion to personally reply to my, sometimes impossible, questions & requests. It shows that you honestly Do Care for your members.With Extreme Member I can create any type of membership site I want, in any niche, with more choices than you could ever need.

    Simply the best! Truly the best purchase I have ever made!

    Thank You ……

    Shane & the Extreme member team You ROCK!  I’m a FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!”


    Vic Shake
    Internet Marketing Specialist


    “I Love that all the services and functionality
    I need are in ONE PLACE! It makes Life
    soooo much easier!”


    As someone who is definitely not tech-savvy I have needed the help and advice that Shane at Extreme Member provides so readily.

    Without his help getting my blogsite and related services up and running would have been very difficult.

    I love that all the services I need are in one place, it makes my life so much easier.”

    Dr. Patricia Porter Ph.D.


    “The Best Value Membership Service Out there,
    I Love the Amazing Functionality &
    Your Customer Service is BEYOND EXCELLENT!”

    Click the Play button below to hear Ivana’s experience with EM Support… (CLICK HERE to hear the full interview)

    ivana-taylor-sml“Shane, here’s what I love about Extreme Member,

    1. Truly Best value – Price per service/function absolutely CANNOT be beat.

    2. LOVE the WordPress function – it was one of the PRIMARY reasons I chose it

    3. LOVE the full functionality – Affiliates, Autoresponders, List managers, Membership management – I don’t know where to stop with this – TOTALLY love the full features

    4. CUSTOMER SERVICE – is beyond excellent. I know some people using Member@#$% – VERY expensive, can’t reach people on the phone – one, I hear, has some tech problems – just not sure what. With EM – Shane and his crew are THERE for you. I’m in USA, I send a message in the am – get a message either that night or next AM. LOVE these guys. They are always improving and helping those of us who have more problems learning WordPress than the site – and they still help.

    You guys rock on! Your service is really good too.

    Ivana Taylor
    President and Chief Marketing Officer of Third Force


    “I am Really Impressed with Extreme Member,
    and the way you and your team have been
    sooo Quick to respond to my questions!”

    jennicox-smlI am enjoying the process of creating the framework… I have never  used wordpress, have never blogged, so I am a TRUE rookieI am really impressed with EM, and the way you and your team have been so quick to respond to my questions!!!

    I have in fact already recommended EM to three other business owners that I think have ideal membership business opportunities at the moment…

    Thanks, for your continued patience and assistance as I continue to learn the system!

    Jenni Cox


    “Extreme Member is Incredible!
    I wanted to start a membership site for months
    but was too overwhelmed by the different
    software programs and huge expense!
    Then I found Extreme Member and I couldn’t
    believe How Affordable and Easy it was!”

    erica-headshot-smlExtremeMember is incredible! I have wanted to create a membership site for months but was too overwhelmed by the different programs I’d have to use or the outrageous cost.  Then I found ExtremeMember and couldn’t believe how easy it was and so affordable! Everything I needed was right there and I couldn’t believe the price, so affordable.

    Setting up my affilate program was so easy, too.

    It made setting up my membership site a snap and I can’t wait to set up my next one.

    It is such a simple and easy to use system and if I do get stuck the help videos are amazing! This is the only way to go when running a membership program.”

    Erica Rueschhoff

    North Carolina

    jimcanterucci “ExtremeMember gave me the ability to create a robust video based membership community in pretty much a one stop shop which is important to a non-technical person like myself. We are able to implement an innovation in serving emerging leaders because of this technology.”

    Jim Canterucci

    Emerging Leadership Circle


    “Wow again! This is really a great product, but I never dreamed you’d provide this kind of support. Thank you sooo much. I will be testing everything you sent me.”Tom P.

    “That was the most amazing “on the ball” support experience I’ve ever had.  Thank you, greatly!” Tim (USA)
    Extreme Member has made it possible for me to create the site of my dreams, where I can bring together all the elements of what I love to offer to people and be able to change the material as I change!

    Flexible and adaptable for a non-techy; what could be better? But none of this is any good without the service and Shane and the team have been phenomenal in their support, helping every step of the way. What a gift!

    Holly Timberlake, PhD..

    Here’s some anonymous comments submitted in one of our recent surveys asking what our clients liked about Extreme Member…

    “I have tested many membership site applications, and ExtremeMember.com is by far, hands down, the best and most complete membership site builder available.  You have definitely hit a winner with this one, and I always recommend you to anyone looking for a service like this.

    On top of that, the friendly and helpful support you offer is second to none.  No more waiting for unanswered emails or talking to some unchecked voice mail box.  I guess the other point that I love too is the regular and ongoing feature updates and video tutorials on how to use them.  For a non-techie like myself, it makes membership site building an absolute breeze.  Keep up the great work.”

    Every conceivable concept being built into Extreme Member sites make running a blog site a dream

    The ability to have different membership levels and email autoresponders in one place

    “Easy of use, reasonable cost, EXCELLENT customer support

    All the features I need are in one place .. based on WordPress platform”

    It’s really just a great idea and I love the price

    I love the support

    Integration of multiple membership oriented management tools in one package”

    Ease of use, fact that autoresponder & membership module are on same platform, flexibility”

    It’s an all-in-one system, the Autoresponders (email marketing), the ability to protect content”

    It has everything I need all in one place with no integration required. It is based on wordpress which I’m familiar with.”

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