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    What is Extreme Member?

    ExtremeMember.com is an all in one solution to run Membership and Subscription based websites. A fully hosted system with everything you’ll ever need to run a membership site on auto-pilot. Some of the key features include our Autoresponders (Email Marketing System), Affiliate Center, Payment Gateway Integration, WordPress blogging, Online Site Designer, Drag and Drop Form, Signup Form creator and much much more!

    Who is it for?

    Anyone who wants to successfully run a membership or subscription based website. Plus, anyone who wants to have a single system with all the marketing tools combined.

    Do I Need a Website Before Using Extreme Member Software?

    Great question! The short answer is No! You’re able to add pages, posts and all your content via our Online Admin area that makes managing your site a breeze. If you have an existing WordPress site you can import that easily – a great way to give you a headstart with your content.

    Why was it created?

    Extreme Member was created after its founder became extremely frustrated trying to find good membership software that ‘worked’. After trying most of the other systems, he turned to custom made software solutions. This passion for a complete All-In-One membership and marketing platform that could be highly automated evolved into ExtremeMember.com

    Who can use Extreme Member? Is it hard?

    Extreme Member can be used by anyone with basic computer skills. Website owners love it because it is very easy to use and navigate around. Plus, if you hire staff to manage your website, membership program and/or affiliate program you don’t need to waste days training them.

    There are Online Video tutorials and Online step-by-step written tutorials on every page, no need to go searching through some hard to navigate manual, it’s all right in front of you when you need it “if” you need it in Extreme Member.

    Which web browsers work best with Extreme Member?

    Any of the following web browsers work with Extreme Member: Firefox 2 or later (Mac, PC or Linux), Safari (Mac or PC), Opera (Mac or PC) and even IE Internet Explorer.

    What country is Extreme Member based in?

    Our head office is based in Australia but our team is scattered over the USA and Europe.

    How long has it taken to create Extreme Member?

    We started back in 2006 and went live in 2007 and we’re constantly updating and releasing new features and versions of the ultimate marketing platform around! (Extreme Member!)

    Can I use my own domain?

    Yes, and it’s super simple too! Click here to see a live demonstration!

    How many sites do I get for my monthly fee?

    One website per monthly payment. For example if you’re on the Starter plan paying $19/month you get 1 x Extreme Member website.

    Can I have more than one EM site in my account?

    Yes! You can order more sites, just use your same email address when you sign up for another site and it will be combined with your existing account.

    Can I use more than one Payment Gateway at the same time?

    Yes, currently Extreme Member is fully integrated for recurring billing with Paypal, Worldpay, Securepay, Clickbank and Authorize.net and 1ShoppingCart, SynergyX – Paul Galloway. You can use one or two at the same time. You will need to have accounts with the ones you want to use. The only requirement for using multiple gateways simultaneously is the same currency must be used for each one.

    Can I use my own WordPress theme?

    Yes! Extreme Member comes standard with some cool themes already pre-installed for your convenience but feel free to use your own Theme or any other WP theme you’ve purchased or downloaded!

    Is Extreme Member based on WordPress or WordPress MU?

    Standard WordPress.

    What version of WordPress is EM running?

    We are generally running the latest version. When a new version of WordPress is released we take some time to ensure compatibility, and that there are no code conflicts. Sometimes this can take a number of weeks but in general we’re always running the latest version.

    What are Autoresponders?

    A powerful tool to allow you to create customized email broadcasts and follow-up messages to your subscribers or any of your lists that meet any specific criteria you set, including include/exclude certain lists.

    Can I cancel my account?

    Of course, all our accounts are billed monthly and you can cancel your account at anytime. There are no contracts or termination fees. You can cancel your account by logging into your Extreme Member account here http://www.extrememember.com go to MY MEMBERSHIPS > Then click on the ‘Cancel’ link next to your membership you want to cancel.

    What currency does Extreme Member use for their accounts?

    All payments to Extreme Member are billed in USD (USA Dollars).

    Can I have multiple membership levels in my membership site?

    Yes! You can have as many as you like (Unlimited levels). You may want to have Gold, Platinum, Premium or whatever you can think of to suit your site.

    Will my members still have access to my protected content if their payment declines?

    They will only have access to your ‘protected’ content for the length of time that you have set in the Grace Period settings. If you want to allow your members 14 days to update their credit card after it declines then you can set 14 days as the Grace Period (in the Memberships > Grace Period menu).

    If someone joins as a ‘Free’ Member and then wants to upgrade can they do that?
    Yes! With the capability to handle Multiple Memberships this is a piece of cake. E.g. John joins up one of our EM clients sites as a member. His email is john@john.com he can join as a free member and then upgrade or even purchase multiple memberships still using the same emails address john@john.com

    If someone joins as a ‘Paid’ Member and then wants to upgrade can they do that?
    Yes! Absolutely, they just need to login to their account and click on My Memberships Tab and select what they want to do. They can also have more than 1 paid membership at the same time.

    Can I have new members automatically added as affiliates?

    Yes! Go to the Affiliate Options page and scroll down to the ‘Users’ section to set your preference.

    Can I change the length of my cookies?

    Yes! Go to the Affiliate Options page to set your cookie type and length that you want to use for your affiliate program.

    For recurring membership payments will commissions be calculated on each month or just the first one?

    If you have set the membership to be included in the affiliate program then commissions will be calculated for all referred sales as long as the client is an active member.

    Can I use a different payment method to pay my affiliates other than Paypal?

    Yes, you can pay your affiliates how you like. If you pay them using another method other than Paypal then you will need to manually mark the payments as paid in your EM account by clicking the ‘Mark as Paid’ link next to the corresponding payment.

    Can I create an affiliate campaign for one of my sites that is NOT an Extreme Member website?

    Yes, that’s the beauty of this system. You can create multiple affiliate campaigns for different websites very easily.

    Where do my affiliates get their affiliate codes and access to the other affiliate tools that I’ve uploaded?

    Firstly They just need to login to their affiliate account on your site. In the affiliate section they then go to My Campaigns > Get Codes

    How do I get my banner ads to automatically rotate on my affiliate’s site?

    It all happens automatically! ANY banners that are uploaded to the same campaign and have the exact same dimensions will automatically be rotated. A very powerful way to have your banners split test on your affiliate network with your stats automatically updated in your Control Panel. This will allow you to quickly replace any underperforming ads.

    Can my members have their own pages they can edit (like their own mini-blog)?

    No, the system is built on WordPress which doesn’t really allow for that. You can have contributors who can add pages/posts but that is different, but if you were creative you could probably use the role of contributor for something like that.

    Can I create my own social network?

    Well, Extreme Member and WordPress are NOT facebook, twitter or myspace. It’s not what it’s really designed for. There are plugins out there for facebook and twitter integration + other add-ons for social networking but the system is not really designed to replace facebook! So if you want a membership site, with the ability to create all sorts of cool memberships, protected content, and all the marketing stuff you’ll ever need then you’re in the right place.