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Plans & Pricing

  • 30-day Trial on All AccountsJoin hundreds of others with Extreme Member accounts. Get your own in less than 50 seconds.

    How does the 30-day trial work?

    If you cancel within the first 30-days of signing up you wont be charged anything further. If you continue you may cancel at any time in the future and you will not be charged. We do not issue refunds or partial refunds.

    What if I upgrade in the trial period?

    You can try out any of the different plans in the 30-day trial period, at the end of the 30-day period assuming you have not canceled, you will be billed at the regular monthly amount of the plan that you’re on. You can always downgrade anytime if you choose.

    Can I change plans at any time?

    Yes! Login here for the options. Upgrades and downgrades are pro-rata e.g. If you’re on the $49/mo plan and you upgrade mid-month to the $99/mo you will get credit for your remaining time you paid at the $49/mo rate on your new plan.

    jimcanterucci“ExtremeMember gave me the ability to create a robust video based membership community in pretty much a one stop shop which is important to a non-technical person like myself. We are able to implement an innovation in serving emerging leaders because of this technology.”

    Jim Canterucci

    Emerging Leadership Circle



    Extreme Member ‘Power Plans’ Starter Basic Advanced
    Pricing per month in $USD (ex GST for Australian residents) $19 Includes FREE
    EM Insiders Club Membership (Value $39.95/mo)
    $49Includes FREE

    EM Insiders Club Membership

    (Value $39.95/mo)
    $99Includes FREE

    EM Insiders Club Membership

    (Value $39.95/mo)
    Site Specifications

    • Disk space per month 1GB 5GB 15GB
    • Bandwidth per month 2GB 10GB 40GB
    • Additional Disk Space only $1/GB/month $1/GB/month $1/GB/month $1/GB/month
    • Additional Bandwidth only $0.20/GB/month $0.20/GB/month $0.20/GB/month $0.20/GB/month
    Dedicated IP Address only extra $2/month for your domain (available upon request) $2/mo. $2/mo. $2/mo.
    Installation of your SSL certificatefor your domain e.g. https://www.yourdomain.com, you may purchase SSL certs from providers like godaddy.com for approx. $30/year(Note: Dedicated IP address is required for SSL installation for your domain and also for use with Authorize.net and Securepay.com.au Payment Gateways) $30 Installation $30 Installation $30 Installation
    • Daily Offsite Backups check check check
    • [tippy title=”Secure FTPS Access” header=”on”]With secure FTP access to your site you can upload any WordPress Themes or Plugins, or other media. [/tippy] – (passwords automatically reset monthly) check check check
    • Seemlessly integrate with your [tippy title=”Amazon S3″ header=”on”]A great cost effective way to store your media and reduce your disk space and bandwidth requirements. If you don’t have an Amazon S3 account you can get one for free from http://aws.amazon.com[/tippy] account if you have one. Plus, now take advantage of Amazon Cloudfront CDN (Content Delivery Network) for high speed delivery worldwide.amazon_aws check check check
    • Built on WordPress the worlds most powerful blogging platformwordpress-logo1 check check check
    Membership Management

    • [tippy title=”Member/Subscriber Records” header=”on”]Additional block of 10,000 Member/Subscriber records can be added for only $20/month [/tippy] 1,000 2,500 10,000
    • [tippy title=”Membership Levels” header=”on”]You can create as many Membership levels as you like e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze, or whatever you like. This includes Membership Levels for Free, Standard Recurring and One-Time Fee memberships! [/tippy] Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    • [tippy title=”Protect Pages and Posts” header=”on”]Protecting Pages and Posts is literally as simple as clicking a checkbox! You also have the option of Batch protecting pages/posts if you need to protect many at once. Plus, you can protect any content on your page/posts e.g. a single word, image, video, audio (you name it!) it can be protected by a single level or multiple levels! [/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Protect specific content within pages/posts” header=”on”]The beauty about this is that you can protect content as small as a word, sentence, paragraph, image, video, audio all within a page or post so only logged in members of the right membership level can access the hidden protected content![/tippy]
    check check
    • [tippy title=”Completely hide protected pages/posts” header=”on”]This feature is an absolute beauty! Especially for you if you’re running a membership with Modules. This feature is very popular allowing you to completely hide protected pages and posts so they will appear automatically when a member is logged in with the right access level![/tippy]
    • [tippy title=”Custom Teaser Copy” header=”on”]This is a very powerful way to give ‘Non-Members’ a sample of what they can get as a paying member. You have the ability to fully customize the Teaser content, it can even be different than the actual content, a great way to entice visitors to join up for full access![/tippy]
    • [tippy title=”Automatic Redirects (Login, Upgrade, Wrong Membership Level etc)” header=”on”]Customize exactly where your visitors go when they are trying to access your content. You can specify where non-members (visitors) are redirected when trying to access members only content, where members who login are redirected after login, also if a member tries to access content that is not in their membership level you can send them to an upgrade page! [/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Secure Files for Members Only” header=”on”]Secure Files are a great way to protect your content from non-members, your members will need to be logged in with the appropriate membership level to access Secure Files, great for eBooks, or other info products[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Free, Standard Recurring, One-Time Memberships” header=”on”]membershipSelect the type of membership you want to use and enter the custom details you’d like for each membership level you create.[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Module Content Delivery (Customizable)” header=”on”]Do you want to stagger the release of your content? With Module released content you can drip feed your members your content. This is a great option if you have a course type material e.g. 12 month course with a new module monthly. So in month 1 the members get access to Module 1, Month 2 they get access to Module 1 and 2 and so on![/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Invitation Codes (Great for Exclusive Memberships)” header=”on”]Have you got a great idea for an ‘Exclusive’ type membership? If so then this could be for you. Using Invitation codes you can create an exclusive type of membership that is only available to ‘invited’ guests who have an ‘Invitation Code’. Similar to Coupon codes but an Invitation code isn’t attached to any type of discount, it can only be used once and without it the user will not be able to join the membership (can even be used for free memberships!), you just need to add an Invitation Code field to the sign up form (in the Form creator) and you’re done![/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Coupon Codes” header=”on”]A great way to offer incentives and discounts to new clients or existing clients purchasing additional memberships! You can have $ based, % based and an expiry date for each coupon code. One-Time discounts or Recurring Discounts can be applied[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Super Affiliate Coupon Codes” header=”on”]This powerful feature enables you to give Coupon Codes to your affiliates offering any type of discount that is ONLY Valid via the Affiliate Link! Great for creating Win-Win relationships with your Affiliates to ensure they get appropriate credit for their sales and it’s a win for their referral since they can only get the discount via their affiliate link![/tippy] - - check
    • [tippy title=”Upgrade/Downgrade member options” header=”on”]When your members login to their site admin they will have the option to upgrade/downgrade their account if you have included multiple levels of memberships that you want to include on that page! Plus, your members can purchase additional memberships too![/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Automated delivery of Login details (username/password)” header=”on”]When a new member joins up they are automatically emailed by the system their Username and Password[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Create Manual Subscriptions for Members” header=”on”]Want to accept offline payments for memberships? No problems! You can easily add members manually and create an offline subscription/membership for them in less than 1 minute! They will then have full access to the Membership content they have paid for just like someone who had joined online[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Add Members Manually (Great for offline payments)” header=”on”]As simple as filling out a quick form and clicking the ‘Submit’ button! Great for members who pay you manually offline or using a different payment method or give a Joint Venture partner a free membership! Simple and Easy![/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Form Creator” header=”on”]Create your Membership sign up forms, Newsletter Optin forms, Affiliate Registration forms, Contact us forms, Login, and SMS Optin forms all using the easy drag and drop form creator.[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Password Sharing Prevention Tool” header=”on”]Limit the number of simultaneous logins to your membership site. If exceeded the members login will be locked for 24 hours and redirected to a custom page of your choice or just get the standard error message![/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Login Limiter” header=”on”]Set the number of invalid login attempts. When someone exceeds this number, his/her account becomes locked. It can be reset by the user requesting a new password or by an administrator of the site only.[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”*NEW* RSS Feed Encryption” header=”on”]This built in feature allows your RSS feeds to be secure for your protected content and only be available for members only.[/tippy] - check check
    • [tippy title=”*NEW* Client Notes & Comments Log” header=”on”]This is a great tool allowing you to save any notes or comments about a user on their profile. This is great if the client has contacted you about something and you need to remember it or if there is a special situation that you need to have record of about the user. All notes/comments are Time and Date stamped, plus the Name of the Administrator who entered the note/comment is recorded. They can be deleted at anytime for your convenience.[/tippy] - check check
    Email + SMS Marketing

    • [tippy title=”Built-in Extreme Member Email Autoresponders” header=”on”]Your own built-in Email Marketing module that fully integrates and works like a dream with your site and membership, powerful features including, list management, list segmenting, broadcasts, follow up emails, plain text or HTML or both, track Open Rates and much much more![/tippy]
    check check
    • [tippy title=”Unlimited Email Broadcasts” header=”on”]Send unlimited email broadcasts in the month with no cap! *We have a Zero-Tolerance spam policy![/tippy]
    check check
    • [tippy title=”Unlimited Follow-up Series” header=”on”]Create multiple email course and series of emails to go our to your lists. You can select multiple lists to include as recipients and even exclude certain recipients from receiving the emails![/tippy]
    check check
    • SMS Broadcasts (Multi-step marketing)* cost per message
    check check
    • SMS Follow-ups (Multi-step marketing)* cost per message
    check check
    • [tippy title=”Track Open Rates” header=”on”]Track the Open Rates of your HTML emails as a total number and % of your recipients![/tippy] - check check
    • [tippy title=”Customize your Opt-in Confirmations (7 different languages)” header=”on”]Increase your confirmed opt-in subscribers by customizing your opt-in confirmations[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”List management (create unlimited lists)” header=”on”]Create multiple lists, and segment your list based on user criteria[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Capture Custom Form Data – UNLIMITED EXTRA FIELDS” header=”on”]A great way to capture custom information you may need with your marketing campaigns, everything from the clients address, phone numbers to any custom list e.g. you can ask them a question and have them select their preference like: How Did You Find Us? then you enter what options they can choose like: Google, Yahoo, Friend, Magazine etc. Another awesome feature about this is the information you capture can be used as filters for Email Marketing. So if you want to create a specific email series for everyone that found you via Google you can do that (based on the question) obviously relevant to your business and what you ask![/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Built In SPAM prevention for Contact Forms” header=”on”]Super cool spam prevention all built in for your Contac Us forms![/tippy] check check check
    Affiliate Module

    • [tippy title=”Automatic Affiliate Registration for New Members” header=”on”]Have your members automatically added as affiliates, no more double registration, or separate login forms required![/tippy] - - check
    • [tippy title=”Unlimited Affiliate Levels (e.g. Standard, JV Partner etc)” header=”on”]Having multiple ‘levels’ of affiliates is a great way to give custom commission structures to special affiliates. You can upgrade or downgrade an affiliates level in 2 clicks![/tippy] - - check
    • [tippy title=”Media Manager (banners, text ads, affiliate links)” header=”on”]Upload your banners, create text ads and plain affiliate links via the Media Manager. Multiple banners in the same category and same size will automatically split test, a great way to test your ads and remove under performing ads quickly[/tippy] - - check
    • [tippy title=”Cloaking Tool (for any links)” header=”on”]Use the Cloaking Tool to protect your affiliate links for ‘any’ affiliate program. A great way to also track click-thru rates[/tippy] - - check
    • Use CPC/PPC (Cost Per Click), PPS (Pay Per Sale), CPM (Pay Per Impression) and PPL (Pay Per Lead) - - check

    • [tippy title=”Administrator Users Unlimited (see Member/Subscriber limit)” header=”on”]You can have as many Administrators as you like who have full control over your site and the administration side of things. Administrator users are counted in the Member/Subscriber limit for your account[/tippy] check check check
    Site Design & Layout

    • [tippy title=”100MB Single File Upload Limit” header=”on”]Upload your images, audio, video, PDF files or other media up to 100MB per file[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Blog Module (built on WordPress)” header=”on”]Harnessing the worlds most powerful blogging platform and giving you all the super powerful features we’ve come to love about WordPress! Create unlimited Pages, Posts and content at ease.[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Use ANY WordPress Theme” header=”on”]Download any WordPress theme, purchase a premium theme or have your own design and created. Installation is as simple as uploading your theme to the Themes directory for your site and then activating the Theme from the Administration area![/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Freedom to use WordPress Plugins” header=”on”]You can install any WordPress Plugin into your Plugins Directory on your site. If you have a specific requirement for something that you can’t find a plugin for or you need modifications to a Plugin then contact us about Plugin development for your custom requirements! We’re more than happy to help :)[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Use HTML (copy & paste) great for sales pages, landing etc” header=”on”]Got a page or multiple pages that are straight HTML pages that you want to keep the formatting the same? With our super cool XHTML copy and paste box you can literally copy and paste your HTML click update page and you’re done! Makes using landing pages, optin pages or special sales pages a breeze – all within WordPress![/tippy] check check check
    Analytics & Tracking 

    google-analytics-logo check check check
    clicky-logo2 check check check
    hitslink-logo1 check check check
    woopra_badge_200px check check check
    Custom Programming and Site Development (also see Services) 

    • [tippy title=”Custom WordPress Plugin Development (from $200 – $1,500+)” header=”on”]Need something developed? Got a great idea and you’d like it added to your site? If so contact us now – we’re more than happy to discuss with you options and give you a set price and time frame to develop your custom requirements[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Theme modifications (from $20 – $400+)” header=”on”]For theme modifications and customizations contact us. Simply let us know what you want, what effect or update you’re after and we can give you a prompt quote with a set price and time frame to complete it. No fuss, no hassles, just the peace of mind knowing it will work with EM[/tippy] check check check
    • [tippy title=”Any other programming / development (just ask!) from $10+” header=”on”]The motto here is ‘Just ask!‘ we’re more than happy to quote on any plugin development or special requests you may have. Don’t be shy! ;)[/tippy] check check check
    Shopping Cart Integration (Recurring + Standalone Billing) 

    • 1ShoppingCart is a leader in the Shopping Cart space. Extreme Member fully integrates with 1SC for both Standalone and Recurring products. Click here to watch a video on the integration and how it works. check check check
    Payment Gateway Integration (Recurring Billing) 

    checkRequires SSL Cert checkRequires SSL Cert checkRequires SSL Cert
    paypal check check check
    clickbank check check check
    worldpay check check check
    securepay• The largest and best Payment Gateway provider in Australia. checkRequires SSL Cert checkRequires SSL Cert checkRequires SSL Cert
    Email Integration (with 3rd Party Vendors) 

    aweber-logo• Want to use your Aweber account for managing your email? No problems! Use the Aweber/Extreme Member email parser for full integration. check check check
    getresponse-logo• Want to use your Get Response account for managing your email? No problems! Use the Get Response/Extreme Member email integration add-on. check check check

    • [tippy title=”Email Ticket Support from Extreme Member” header=”on”]Got a question? Need help? Contact us! All accounts come with Email support[/tippy] check check check

    • Plans Starter Basic Advanced
    • Pricing per month in $USD

    ATTENTION POWER USERS: If you’re interested in a Dedicated EM Server please contact us. We can accommodate the most aggressive online markerters and power hungry sites!