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Changelog May 1, 2013

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    May 1, 2013

    Below is a brief changelog for the past month.

    Code Base Changes

    • Fixed From: header issues in GMail (from now on GMail will display From: Name <email>, not From: mailer@extrememember.com On Behalf Of Name <email>);
    • For better deliverability, all transactional emails (Payment/Prepayment Notifications, Login Information, Password Reminders, Optin Confirmations) are now sent from dedicated IP addresses;
    • Improved bounce processing;
    • Bulk emails sent to GMail satisfy all requirements outlined in Google’s Bulk Senders Guidelines;
    • Users who generate many spam complaints have been moved to a separate IP range, which means better deliverability for good users;
    • Updated YourOwnCSS plugin to comply with the latest WordPress plugin standards;
    • Lots of bug fixes in “Import from CSV” tool (Memberships > Import from CSV);
    • Lots of bug fixes in OneTheme Plugin;
    • Removed a lot of legacy code;
    • Better comment spam protection: all spammers are automatically reported to Stop Forum Spam (this feature is currently available only for OneTheme and applies only to the spam detected automatically) and Blocklist.de (blocklist.de sends abuse reports to spammers’ ISPs so that they take actions against the spammers).

    Server Side Changes

    • All sites are monitored 24×7 by Hyperspin and Limestone Networks;
    • Instant notifications from PhishTank for compromised web sites;
    • Better security: vulnerability in one user’s site won’t allow to exploit other users’ sites — all users are isolated from each other;
    • All security incidents are reported to Blocklist.de;
    • Email delivery is now performed by PowerMTA

    Currently Used Server Software

    • Custom build of nginx 1.3.14;
    • Optimized build of MySQL 5.5.31;
    • Hardened PHP 5.3.10;
    • PHP Accelerator: xCache 3.0.1;
    • Data caching: memcached 1.4.13;
    • Server monitoring: munin 1.4.6, monit 5.3.2;
    • Email delivery: PowerMTA 3.5r17;
    • Backup: Idera Server Backup 5.0.2;

    Other Changes

    We have a new customer support portal available at http://support.extrememember.com/

    If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please post them either in the comments below or drop an email to support@extrememember.com

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